Mobile Frac Water Remediation

Bobeaux offers a smarter alternative to the current standard of using SWD for water disposal with the ability to reclaim frac water for use on multiple wells. Leveraging the power of an exclusive microbial technology, this mobile process completely eliminates the need for water hauling and disposal. To date, this systems has saved clients over 50% on water costs for well completion. The process utilizes one frac pond from which all water is maintained, treated, and distributed. In the pictures below, reclaimed water has been treated for hydrocarbons, chlorides, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) algae, and then filtered for immediate use on site.

Untreated vs. Treated Water

Untreated (left) and Treated water

This process restores the water to irrigation standards, at which point it is ready to be fast-lined to the next well at a rate of 500-800 gpm. This ensures consistent, quality water is available for all phases of well production (drilling, cementing, fracking, etc.) The mobile system stays on site, which allows for continuous treatment, water maintenance, and fast-transfer for any immediate or unexpected water needs. This process can be repeated, without limit, for any additional wells in the vicinity of the frac pond. Successful operations have been conducted over a distance of 2 miles and significantly greater distances are possible if required.

Mobile Filtration Trailer

Mobile Filtration Trailer