SandTiger – Integrated Last Mile Logistics Platform

SandTiger is a last mile logistics platform developed to drive the dispatch and invoicing business for Bobeaux Trucking.  Its many functions facilitate enhanced operations, visibility, and transparency for our business.

Our goal is to work diligently with our carriers to provide the most efficient last mile logistics available, and we have provided our carriers access to our SandTiger platform.


The dashboard is the SandTiger home screen.  It displays a map of current operations for each carrier, including active well sites and sand locations.


Truck Locations

The truck locations screen displays all active trucks and their respective locations, relative to the active wells and sand sites on a map.  Trucks are color coded based on load status.


Well Tracker

  • The Well Tracker allows carriers to view load information about each of their wells.  Load status, date, weight, and other useful information is displayed here.
  • Totals for sand type and weight are displayed by day for each well.
  • All information can be downloaded in PDF or Excel form.


The metrix reports give a graphical review of loads completed for daily and monthly totals.  The information can be displayed by loads, trucks, wells, and sand sites.

Well Summary

The well summary shows detailed well information by day or month.  The data displayed contains sand type, number of loads, total weight delivered, and the number of loads delivered for each date.

Truck Summary

The Truck Summary shows truck numbers and the number of loads completed each day.

Email and Text Updates

Auto-updating carriers with load and truck data is the newest feature added to the SandTiger system.  Allocated truck information, as well as load statuses of current assigned loads are included in emails and texts sent directly to carriers.